Unparalleled Customer Focus

When it comes to the preservation, rehabilitation, repair and support of concrete surfaces and structures, no other epoxy manufacturer in the world is better at solving customer-specific requirements than E-Chem.

Leading with R&D

We have invested heavily in research and development to formulate the most innovative epoxy products, while adhering to strict QC/QA procedures that meet or exceed various ASTM, AASHTO, and DOT requirements.

Our world-class epoxies are formulated by leading chemists using only the highest quality materials. Bridge deck overlays that exceed expectations. Roadway repair and rehabilitation products tested in the lab and proven on the job.  Grout and chock solutions for heavy equipment and wind turbines that are a breeze to apply. And our parking structure maintenance products are a “must have” for any general contractor looking to save time and bring its project in on budget.

Point in case. Our best-in-class Epoxy Polymer Concrete (EPC) product for bridge deck overlays and repairs outperforms every Polyester Polymer Concrete (PPC) formula on the market.

High-Tech, High-Volume Manufacturing

Our 30,000 square foot facility in Albuquerque, NM provides cutting-edge production capabilities. We can manufacture 130,000 pounds of finished product per shift. The facility also houses our R&D lab, product testing department and quality control operations, enabling E-Chem to consistently provide high-quality products that satisfy the needs of engineers, architects and contractors alike.

World-Class Support

What’s more, E-Chem provides industry-leading field support, including hands-on training when needed. We also provide technical reports and project assessments to ensure the proper application and performance of our products. We specialize in project-specific, customized support solutions to fit the needs of the most discerning engineers, architects, owners and contractors.

Markets Served

  • Transportation authorities like state and Federal DOTs
  • Petro-chemical processing and heavy industrial
  • Renewable energy such as wind
  • Non-residential concrete construction
  • Parking structure rehabilitation

At E-Chem, the customer always comes first. Perhaps that’s why our repeat customer base keeps growing. You can always Contact Us.

A Meridian Adhesives Group Company

E-Chem operates within the Infrastructure Division of Meridian Adhesives Group, which proudly manufactures some of the best and most specified construction and industry-related adhesives in North America. With decades of proven field experience, the companies comprising the Infrastructure Division supply products to the infrastructure, commercial construction, MRO and consumer/DIY markets.

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