When to Use Concrete Bonding Adhesive

Concrete Bonding Adhesive

Updated: April 1, 2024

Splits and cracks are common on concrete, especially when damaged by the corrosion of reinforcement bars. The first choice for many is to resurface the existing concrete or demolish the entire floor and build it anew. 

Some might also add a fresh concrete mix to the old surface. However, this might not be a good option since the cement in the mixture does not have a bonding agent within it. Using fresh concrete will result in two separate layers that don’t bond. Concrete is known for its strength, not bonding. Instead, use a concrete bonding adhesive so that the two layers can behave like a single unit. Read this article to learn more with E-Chem to learn more about all of our Products.

Why You Need a Concrete Bonding Agent

The cement within a concrete mix lacks the natural bonding agents necessary for joining two concrete layers. Using cement will leave a weak and unserviceable floor once cured. You need to paint a concrete bonding adhesive onto the existing concrete first so that the new layer of fresh concrete can successfully bond with the old layer. This bonding agent will now enhance the performance and strength of the structure. However, it will depend on the existing surface’s strength, cleanliness, and surface preparation.

Surface Preparation for a Bonding Agent

The first action is to ensure that the surface is clean. You might not have the best results if you apply a concrete bonding adhesive on a surface contaminated with dusty layers of cement, oil or grease spillages, or even fine aggregates. The bonding agent needs a sound concrete surface to work well. 

Surface preparation involves thorough cleaning to facilitate the proper working of the bonding adhesive. You might want to consider pressure washing for the best results. In case of spillages seeping into the floor’s surface, we recommend grinding to do away with a few millimeters of the top floor surface so that you can work with crystal-clean concrete. 

Best Concrete Bonding Adhesive Products

You need the best product for solid bonding. E-chem offers several concrete bonding adhesives, depending on the expected outcomes and needs.


EP-FLEX is a two-component moisture-insensitive crack and joint-filling material. It is ideal for filling joints on industrial floors exposed to hard-wheeled traffic. It is also valuable for filling epoxy grout expansion and construction/contraction joints. EP-FLEX can also help as a crack-filling material for spalled and damaged joints. The adhesive is VOC compliant and has met all the USDA requirements for incidental food contact.


EP-PATCH is a high-performance, three-component multi-purpose patching mortar. It is ideal for high-stress concrete repairs such as airport runways, bridge decks, warehouse floors, and loading docks. It is the recommended choice for patching before other top coatings because it has no hydration or shrinkage during the cure.


XD-Cure is a water-based odorless, clear curing compound that prevents shrinkage cracks, develop proper concrete strength, and leaves a bondable surface for further treatments, flooring materials, or coatings. XD-CURE is sprayed on freshly placed concrete to help control moisture retention for efficient cement hydration during the curing period.


EP15-GROUT is a three-component high-performance grout formulated for high-stress machine grouting applications. It is characterized by high early strength, bearing area, low dust, and excellent flowability, making it ideal for new equipment installations. Wind farms, chemical processing plants, and gas transmission industries are more likely to use EP15-GROUT.

Learn More About Concrete Bonding Adhesives

Concrete bonding adhesives are vital in repairing concrete floors. Applying the sealants requires careful and thorough work to adhere to moisture control and protection from spills and damages. You can get in touch with us to learn more about the best bonding adhesive for your needs.

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