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Bonding, Anchoring & Doweling Adhesives

EP gel epoxy resin dowelling

EP-GEL FAST Epoxy Gel Adhesive

EP-GEL FAST is a two-component, 100% solids, high-modulus epoxy gel adhesive that offers exceptional strength in doweling and anchoring applications. EP-GEL FAST is ideal for adhering dowels, anchoring bolts, and reinforcing steel in concrete for full depth concrete pavement repairs. This versatile product can also be used for vertical and horizontal patching, structural bonding of concrete, or even for sealing cracks and setting injection ports prior to epoxy injection applications. Meets ASTM C881 (Type I, II, IV, & V. Grade 3. Class B & C.), AASHTO M235, and is VOC compliant (0 g/L). Visit E-Chem to explore our wide range of epoxy products for your next project!

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ASF-GEL by E-Chem

ASF-GEL Epoxy Gel & Mortar Repair

ASF-GEL is a two-component, styrene-free, epoxy acrylate adhesive gel with an extended installation range from 15°F to 95°F. This product is ideal for anchoring threaded rod and rebar into concrete or adhering dowel bars and tie bars for full depth concrete repairs. Additionally, ASF-GEL is an excellent adhesive for bonding fresh concrete to hardened concrete, hardened concrete to hardened concrete, or hardened concrete to steel. This fast cure adhesive can also be used as a fast mortar repair for panels and other concrete surfaces. Meets ASTM C881-15 (Type II*. Grade 3. Class A & B.), AASHTO M235, and is VOC compliant (1.85 g/L).
*Excluding linear shrinkage and gel time.

How do you Anchor Threaded Rod and Rebar into Concrete?

Anchoring threaded rod and rebar into concrete is an important step in many building projects. Threaded rods are often used for structural support, while rebar is used to reinforce concrete structures. Both need to be securely anchored into the concrete in order to provide the necessary stability.

EPMV products

EP-MV Concrete Epoxy Adhesive

EP-MV is a 100% solids, two-component, high-modulus, medium-viscosity, moisture-insensitive structural epoxy adhesive designed for bonding freshly mixed concrete to hardened concrete, for bonding hardened concrete to hardened concrete and other materials, and as a binder for epoxy mortars. EP-MV may also be used for anchoring bolts or dowels and reinforcing steel in concrete. Excellent adhesion to most materials makes for a versatile, multi-purpose structural epoxy adhesive. Meets ASTM C881 (Type I & II. Grade 2. Class B & C.), AASHTO M235, and is VOC compliant (0 g/L). Shop now from E-Chem.

Why is it Important to Reinforce Steel in Concrete Blocks?

It is important to reinforce steel in concrete blocks because it helps strengthen and support the structure of a building. Reinforcing steel, such as rebar or threaded rod, provides a stabilizing force for the concrete blocks that helps to resist cracking and buckling under load. Without reinforcement, the weight of a structure could cause movements that could lead to cracks or failure.

What make a strong structural adhesive?

A strong structural adhesive is necessary for a successful brick mortar repair. The strength of the bond is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an adhesive. Consider choosing a coating that offers a lasting and durable outcome, such as epoxy or polyurethane. These products are engineered to withstand harsh conditions and maintain their durability over time.


EP-SLV by E-Chem


EP-SLV is a 100% solids, high-modulus, moisture-insensitive, very low-viscosity epoxy adhesive for gravity feed or pressure injection of cracks in concrete. EP-SLV is a structural repair adhesive designed primarily for pressure injection and gravity feed crack repair in concrete and masonry. EP-SLV can also be used to heal and seal concrete slabs. Meets ASTM C881 (Type I, II, IV, V. Grade 1. Class C.), AASHTO M235, and is VOC compliant (0 g/L). Visit E-Chem to explore our wide range of epoxy products for your next project!

What is a Structural Repair Adhesive?

A structural repair adhesive is an important tool in the construction and renovation of buildings. This adhesive, sometimes also known as a structural masonry adhesive, is used to bond concrete, brick, stone, wood and other building materials together securely. Structural repair adhesives are designed to be strong enough to withstand the weight of a structure or apply pressure from weather changes.

Why is sealing a concrete floor important?

Sealing a concrete floor is necessary to safeguard the surface from potential harm and deterioration. A sealant creates a barrier that stops moisture, dirt, and debris from entering the surface. This not only helps maintain the appearance of your floors but also prolong their lifespan by preventing damage from water seepage and oxidation.

What is the Best Adhesive Glue for Concrete Repairs?

Updated: November 15, 2023 Having the right concrete repair additive can truly make a difference [...]