Chocks and Grouts

E-Chem Grouts and Chocks

For decades, the polymer has been the substance of choice for bridge restoration and repair throughout the U.S. Since introduction 30 years ago, though, E-Chem products have been consistently eclipsing polymer’s monopoly on the overlay market. This is largely due to E-Chem products’ moisture insensitivity — speeding up the curing process — and its absence of volatile organic compounds — making it safer for technicians to work with. These benefits have made E-Chem products, including our grouts and chocks, renowned for their quality and safety.

Introduction to E-Chem Grouts and Chocks

Grouts and chocks are some of the most popular solutions in the E-Chem catalog. These epoxy products are made to last, with formulations based on high-performance compounds. E-Chem’s line of grouts and chocks includes the following options.


The EP15-Grout formulation is a powerful, three-component machine grout that’s designed to withstand high-stress base plate applications.

EP15-Grout XP

The EP15-Grout XP formulation offers a low exotherm formulation of the original EP15 option. This provides an extended pot life that’s ideal for warmer weather and projects that require a deep pour.


The EP20-Chock is a 100% solids, a two-component formulation that’s perfect for heavy industrial equipment applications, including wind farms, chemical processing, steel rail, and gas transmission.

Pile Anchor Grout

The pile anchor grout is notable for its expedited setting time and high-strength formulation. It’s designed to be an anchoring grout used to reinforce steel in various applications.

Who and What Are E-Chem Products Suited For

E-Chem products are suited to a wide variety of uses by a diverse demographic of professionals. Technicians across multiple industries trust E-Chem for our reliably safe epoxy products, and you can trust us, too. Some of the pros who most commonly rely on E-Chem include the following:

  • Architects
  • City planners
  • Construction managers
  • Chemists
  • Builders

These professionals use E-Chem products for an array of applications, including the following:

  • Repair concrete surfaces
  • Preserve municipal structures
  • Rehabilitate roads
  • Reinforce structures

If you are one of these professionals, or if you need a product for any of these purposes, E-Chem can help you find the right formulation for your needs.

E-Chem Product Features

E-Chem is unlike any other epoxy maker on the market. With an assortment of products and countless clients, we make epoxy products that are safer, more durable, and longer-lasting. Some of the features that contribute to this include:

  • No VOCs in E-Chem formulas
  • Moisture-insensitive formulas
  • Minimal ingredients in products
  • Readily available throughout the U.S.
  • Tested thoroughly in chemical lab

These features are just a few of the reasons why E-Chem is the chemical manufacturer of choice for major municipal projects, industrial applications, and a wide range of other uses that require epoxy.

What to Expect From E-Chem Products

E-Chem sets the standard for epoxy products. If you’re a first-time E-Chem customer, though, you might be wondering what to expect. You can count on our products, including our grout and chock selections, to offer the following:

  • Quality: E-Chem products are manufactured from top-quality raw materials, so our finished product is of the purest chemical quality available
  • Longevity: Grouts, chocks, and other epoxy products from E-Chem are known to far outlast polymer and other competitor products
  • Safety: Because E-Chem products are free from VOCs, they are far safer for use than polymers and other chemical formulations

We ensure that our products outperform client expectations by rigorously testing them in a chemical lab. You can expect excellence when you opt for E-Chem.

Find the Right E-Chem Product for Your Needs

E-Chem is dedicated to creating the purest, safest, and highest-quality epoxy products for municipal and industrial uses. This promise includes our line of grout and chock products. For information on ordering an E-Chem product, call us at (505) 832-3667 or reach out online.


  1. How much E-Chem grout do I need for my project?

The answer to this question depends on the scale of your project, including the width of the joints you intend to grout. Call us at (505) 832-3667 or reach out online to get an estimate for the amount of product needed.

  1. Do epoxy grout products require a grout release?

Typically, no. In some cases, though — for example, if you are using an E-Chem grout with porous or textured surfaces — a grout release product may make it easier to clean the surface after grout application. Do a test prior to application to verify the results.

  1. Should I use a sealant on E-Chem grouts?

Sealants are usually not required for use with an E-Chem grout product. This is due to the low absorption rate of the grouts.

  1. How long does it take E-Chem grout products to cure?

Curing times depend on the grout product you select and the environment that it is curing in. Grouting that is done with EP15-Grout XP, for example, will be fully cured in 12 hours if it is left to cure in 105°F with a compressive strength of 15,500 PSI. A curing temperature of 75°F and compressive strength of 12,500 PSI will result in a curing time of 56 hours.

  1. Are E-Chem grout products approved for interior and exterior use?

Yes. You can use E-Chem products both inside and outside.