High Fiction Surface Treatments (HFST)

our concrete sealing adhesives in action

HFP 1:1


HFP 1:1 is a moisture-insensitive, low-modulus, twocomponent, high friction surface polymer designed for binding high friction surfacing aggregates to asphalt, concrete on grade and elevated surfaces.


• Asphalt Roadways
• Roadway Departure Areas
• Horizontal Curves
• Stop Zones / Intersections
• High Grade Roadways
• Parking Structures


• Excellent bond strength
• Moisture insensitive
• High early strength
• High tensile elongation allows for non-linear expansion
and contraction (move with the roadways)
• High tensile strength for superior retention of
• Easy to mix – 1:1 ratio
• Fast set time for quick return to traffic
• Designed for automated pump or hand mix application

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EPX50LT-OVERLAY is a moisture-insensitive, low-modulus, epoxy urethane co-polymer overlay resin, designed to be applied in late season cold conditions down to 30 °F and rapid return to service applications. EPX50LT-OVERLAY is an engineered overlay system impervious to water and deicing chemicals, while also providing a skid-resistant surface for bridges, elevated slabs and PCCP. In addition, EPX50LT-OVERLAY can be used for High Friction Surface Treatments and as a binder in epoxy repair mortars used for patching concrete.

ADVANTAGES • Epoxy urethane technology • Excellent bond strength • Moisture insensitive • May be installed as low as 30 °F • Nonflammable • Easy to mix – 1:1 ratio • Part A and Part B – Color coded pails • >20% elongation at 40 °F • No primer required • Designed for automated pump or hand mix application