ASF-GEL by E-Chem

ASF-GEL Epoxy Gel & Mortar Repair

ASF-GEL is a two-component, styrene-free, epoxy acrylate adhesive gel with an extended installation range from 15°F to 95°F. This product is ideal for anchoring threaded rod and rebar into concrete or adhering dowel bars and tie bars for full depth concrete repairs. Additionally, ASF-GEL is an excellent adhesive for bonding fresh concrete to hardened concrete, hardened concrete to hardened concrete, or hardened concrete to steel. This fast cure adhesive can also be used as a fast mortar repair for panels and other concrete surfaces. Meets ASTM C881-15 (Type II*. Grade 3. Class A & B.), AASHTO M235, and is VOC compliant (1.85 g/L).
*Excluding linear shrinkage and gel time.

How do you Anchor Threaded Rod and Rebar into Concrete?

Anchoring threaded rod and rebar into concrete is an important step in many building projects. Threaded rods are often used for structural support, while rebar is used to reinforce concrete structures. Both need to be securely anchored into the concrete in order to provide the necessary stability.