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EP-MV Concrete Epoxy Adhesive

EP-MV is a 100% solids, two-component, high-modulus, medium-viscosity, moisture-insensitive structural epoxy adhesive designed for bonding freshly mixed concrete to hardened concrete, for bonding hardened concrete to hardened concrete and other materials, and as a binder for epoxy mortars. EP-MV may also be used for anchoring bolts or dowels and reinforcing steel in concrete. Excellent adhesion to most materials makes for a versatile, multi-purpose structural epoxy adhesive. Meets ASTM C881 (Type I & II. Grade 2. Class B & C.), AASHTO M235, and is VOC compliant (0 g/L). Shop now from E-Chem.

Why is it Important to Reinforce Steel in Concrete Blocks?

It is important to reinforce steel in concrete blocks because it helps strengthen and support the structure of a building. Reinforcing steel, such as rebar or threaded rod, provides a stabilizing force for the concrete blocks that helps to resist cracking and buckling under load. Without reinforcement, the weight of a structure could cause movements that could lead to cracks or failure.

What make a strong structural adhesive?

A strong structural adhesive is necessary for a successful brick mortar repair. The strength of the bond is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an adhesive. Consider choosing a coating that offers a lasting and durable outcome, such as epoxy or polyurethane. These products are engineered to withstand harsh conditions and maintain their durability over time.