Transil® SXT(+)


TRANSIL® SXT(+) is a clear, penetrating, breathable, surface-applied liquid
treatment which strengthens, protects and hardens concrete pavements
in cold weather climates subjected to freeze-thaw cycling, studded tires,
chains, snow plows, and deicers. The high performance treatment maximizes
durability and longevity of tined, diamond ground, grooved, milled, shotblasted, and/or re-textured surfaces making them less prone to rutting and
early wear. Reduces and mitigates alkali silica reaction and spalling at the
surface of exposed concrete.


• Reactive lithium and lithium acetate chemistry provides very low sodium
and potassium elements ( only trace amounts– lowest in the industry)
promoting enhanced bonding with calcium hydroxide to form insoluble
• Molecular size of lithium provides for deeper penetration and more
permanent protection enhanced abrasion resistance and durability.
• Non-soluble / Non-expansive lithium bond will not absorb moisture-a
characteristic critical for scale resistance.
• UV stable, will not flake or peel.
• Chemically reacts with concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate
hydrate making it harder and less permeable. Reduces dusting for
cleaner and safer environments.
• Easy one coat application. No water wash required. Multiple applications
may be required due to degree of alkali silica reaction.
• Can be applied on freshly placed, new or existing pavement surfaces.
• Curing compounds can be applied on top of treated surfaces to provide
ultimate hydration without discoloring or whitening the surface.