Patching Materials

For high-traffic and high-stress structures, wear and tear is an inevitability. This is especially true for structures made from concrete, which can be vulnerable to cracks and gradual breakdown. When repair becomes necessary, it’s imperative to use a solution that offers high performance in conjunction with safe formulation. E-Chem specializes in epoxy patch and topcoat products that provide sustainable structural support. Whether you need heavy-duty repairs or a quick patch for a crack, E-Chem’s products can provide potent repairs and minimize the workplace hazards commonly associated with alternatives such as polyester polymer concrete.

EPC Overlay

EPC Overlay is ideal for use in nearly every step of the rehabilitation process — patching, overlaying, and repairing concrete structures. Its versatility stems from a formulation that is 100% solids, free from solvents, and insensitive to moisture, but these aren’t the only benefits EPC overlay provides. EPC overlay can also extend the lifespan of the structure it is applied to and sustain high-stress wear and tear. These qualities make it great for a range of uses, including:

  • Parking deck overlays
  • Joint headers
  • Joint edges
  • Grade correction
  • Rut filling
  • Concrete floors
  • Loading docks
  • Bridge deck overlays
  • Concrete spalls

EPC overlay is compliant with all volatile organic compound (VOC) standards and requires no field chemistry in order to use. The result is a safer, more sustainable overlay option that can outperform other polymer concrete products and polyester polymer solutions on the market.

EP Patch

Made using only three components, E-Chem’s EP Patch is one of the most versatile patching products on the market. Its formulation features 100% solids, non-shrink epoxy, and no hydration required for curing. These qualities make it ideal for repairs made before the application of an epoxy polymer overlay or other topcoat solution. Its strength and versatility are a great match for repairs or rehabilitation of the following structures:

  • Loading docks
  • Airport runways
  • Bridge decks
  • Warehouse floors
  • Other concrete structure

In addition to being VOC compliant, EP Patch meets FAA specification for patching item P-501.19 as well as ASTM C881 (Type III – Resin) standards. Because curing does not require hydration or shrinkage, it is safer than many alternative patching products.

Who and What Are E-Chem Products Suited For?

E-Chem products are safer and stronger than many alternative formulas on the market, which makes them great for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. If you’re looking for a versatile solution to concrete breakage or structural breakdown, there’s an E-Chem product to address the problem. Our clientele consists of a diverse group of professionals, including those working in the construction and industrial sectors. Many home rehab enthusiasts have also recognized the power of E-Chem products and discovered that it’s also great for an array of home improvement applications. The next time you have a project involving the repair or rehabilitation of a concrete structure, trust E-Chem to provide the best solution for the problem.

E-Chem Product Features

What makes E-Chem products so unique, and why are they so popular for various commercial and industrial uses? E-Chem formulations are chemically different than many competing products on the market, with the main difference being the use of epoxy instead of polymer. Many overlays, sealants, and patch products are made with polyester polymer concrete (PPC), but the risks of PPC have become evident in recent years. PPC makes use of styrene monomers —  a substance that can emit hazardous vapors that may injure mucous membranes and eyes. In addition to this risk, it is highly flammable and requires that all workers in its presence wear personal protective equipment. E-Chem, on the other hand, is made from epoxy polymers that contain no VOCs, making it safer and easier to use.

What to Expect From E-Chem Products

Improved work conditions, better results, and minimized risk are just a few of the benefits users can expect from E-Chem products. Above all else, though, users can expect expertise. All E-Chem products are specially formulated with a focus on research and development. Our products are rigorously tested and held to high standards of quality that start in our state-of-the-art laboratory. We use the highest quality materials developed by the industry’s leading chemists to create the high-performance products our customers have come to expect. We take pride in partnering with each of our clients to ensure that they find the right product for their needs. Expect excellence when you entrust your next project to the experts at E-Chem.

Choose E-Chem Overlay and Patch Products

In recent years, epoxy products have emerged as the safer, more sustainable alternative to PPC formulations that previously dominated the market — and E-Chem has emerged as the top maker of EPC products. Epoxy polymer concrete is safe, versatile, and ideal for many different commercial and industrial applications. It’s no wonder why it’s an increasingly common solution for the rehabilitation and repair of concrete structures. No matter what kind of project you’re working on, E-Chem’s overlay and patch products can help you get the results you need with minimized risk and maximized durability. Trust E-Chem for proven strength and durability. Call us at (515) 217-2121 or  reach out online for more information on how E-Chem products can improve your next project.


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