EP100 Epoxy Sealer

EP100-SEAL HM Epoxy Sealant / Healer

EP100-SEAL HM is a high-modulus formulation of our EP100-SEAL epoxy healer/sealer product, making it an excellent option where minimal movement is desired to facilitate effective stress transfer, such as anchoring and doweling applications or structural crack repairs. Meets ASTM C881 (Type I, II, IV, V. Grade 1. Class C.) and is VOC compliant (0 g/L). Visit E-Chem to explore our wide range of epoxy products for your next project!

How do you improve Structural Crack Repairs?

Structural crack repairs are an important part of preserving a paved surface and keeping it in good condition. To improve structural crack repairs, it is necessary to inspect the pavement regularly for any cracks or damages that may have arisen. If any cracks are found, they should be filled with a flexible sealant such as an epoxy or urethane sealant.