our concrete sealing adhesives in action

HFP 1:1

HFP 1:1 is a moisture-insensitive, low-modulus, two-component high friction surface polymer designed for binding High Friction Surfacing Aggregates to asphalt and concrete on grade and elevated surfaces to restore skid resistance and improve pavement friction, helping to improve roadway safety. HFP 1:1 is formulated with higher tensile elongation to allow for non-linear expansion and contraction along with superior retention of aggregates. Specific applications include asphalt roadways, bridge decks, roadway departure areas, horizontal curves, stop zones/intersections, high grade roadways and parking structures. Tested to AASHTO PP79 standards for HFST, this product is NTPEP (HFTO) rated and non-regulated by the DOT for transportation within the United States.

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