Urethane Seal

EP75-SEAL Urethane Sealant

EP75-SEAL is a highly penetrating, low-viscosity, two-component epoxy urethane sealer/healer offering longer life cycles than traditional epoxy polymer sealers. EP75-SEAL is designed by E-Chem to prolong the life of concrete by sealing cracks against moisture and chloride ion intrusion, with a rapid cure time that allows traffic to re-open quickly. It is also excellent for a low-viscosity prime coat prior to the placement of EPC-OVERLAY. Specific applications include bridge decks, parking decks, concrete floors, roadways, airport runways/taxiways, columns & beams in splash zones, and general consolidation of porous & dusting surfaces. EP75-SEAL is VOC compliant (<250 g/L).

What is a Road Urethane Sealant?

Road urethane sealant is a type of asphalt sealant designed to provide durable protection from the elements for paved surfaces. It helps to prevent water, dirt, and other substances from entering through cracks and crevices in this surface. It also extends the life of the pavement by providing a barrier against sun damage, salt damage, and temperatures extremes.