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E-Chem, LLC worker using an Epoxy Adhesive in Albuquerque, NM

Chemical formulations for epoxy adhesives vary widely. Like any other product, you’ll find manufacturers who create subpar products, and you’ll find brands that offer the best on the market. E-Chem falls into the latter category and offers epoxy adhesive products made to unite innovation and efficiency. As the creator of the most advanced formulas available, we take pride in the power of our products to repair, rehabilitate, and preserve concrete structures. To understand why our products are so powerful, though, you must understand their composition. Consider the following epoxy adhesive products to find the one that’s right for you and your project.

What Is Epoxy Adhesive?

Epoxy adhesives are a chemically formulated solution made to permanently bond two materials. These formulas are also sometimes called polymer-modified cementitious adhesives, and they rely on the power of epoxy to create an unbreakable bond between the two materials being joined. How is this accomplished? When applied to a surface, epoxy resin initiates a chemical reaction that hardens the substance and bonds it to the surface permanently.

Epoxy solutions are particularly advantageous because they rely on the use of a chemical catalyst that is activated once it is mixed with the epoxy resin. This allows users to preserve an epoxy adhesive until it’s ready for use. It can then be mixed and applied to the surface that is to be bonded, and it will become active upon application. This process helps to minimize waste of unused product and reduce the wait time associated with curing, too.

What Are Epoxy Adhesives Used For?

There is a wide range of commercial applications that you can use epoxy adhesives. As some of the strongest commercial adhesives available on the market, the E-Chem line of EPCs is ideal for many uses, including the following:

      • Loading docks
      • Rut filling
      • Concrete floors
      • Joint headers
      • Parking deck repair
      • Join edges
      • Bridge deck repair

Whether you’re working on a large-scale commercial project or looking for an adhesive solution for smaller DIY projects, the E-Chem line of epoxy adhesives offers the performance and endurance you need. Find the formulation that’s suited to your unique needs and discover the power of E-Chem epoxy adhesives.

What Are the Types of Adhesives Offered by E-Chem?


The EP-GEL FAST formula is comprised of two 100% solid components to create a high-modulus gel epoxy. The solution offers unparalleled strength for anchors, dowels, and other reinforcement structures that require chemical bonding. EPC-GEL FAST can also be used for patching, sealing, and concrete structural bonding.


Free from styrene and other compromising agents, the ASF-GEL epoxy adhesive is compatible with installation ranges as low as 15°F and as high as 95°F. This makes it ideal for threaded rod anchoring or dowel bar adhesion. It also bonds fresh concrete to set concrete or steel for a strong, long-lasting bond that resists wear and tear.


The EP-MV adhesive is one of the most adaptable bonding agents E-Chem makes. This medium viscosity epoxy adhesive is notable for its insensitivity to moisture. Its ideal uses include bonding freshly mixed concrete to hardened concrete and binding epoxy mortars. Its 100% solids formulation makes it a versatile option, though, for a range of different materials.


If your project requires an adhesive of very low viscosity, the EP-SLV formula may be ideal. This 100% solids solution is moisture insensitive and designed to repair concrete cracks via pressure injection or gravity feed. It can also be used to repair masonry or to seal concrete slabs after repairs have been made.

Choose E-Chem for Your Project

The E-Chem brand is based on research and development above all else. Before we present epoxy products to our clients, we test each formulation extensively and ensure that it meets ASTM, AASHTO, and DOT standards. More importantly, though, we ensure that it meets our standards. We hold our products to the highest standards and take pride in providing clients with epoxy-based solutions for all their commercial structural problems. It all starts in the lab, and it ends with stronger, safer infrastructure.

Our epoxy adhesives are unlike adhesives made with polyester polymer concrete — also known as PPCs — because they emit styrene monomer that PPCs require in order to cure. Styrene is known to carry a number of safety risks, including irritation to users’ eyes and mucous membranes. This, in addition to the substance’s emission of hazardous air pollutants, makes E-Chem EPCs the obvious alternative to PPCs. EPCs are safer, easier to use and sacrifice nothing in the way of performance.

EPC Products for Commercial and Industrial Uses

Epoxy adhesives are safe, effective, and ideal for a range of industrial and commercial applications. Finding the right one, though, can still be a challenge. You know you’re starting at the right place when you trust E-Chem for your EPC needs.

We strive to create the strongest and safest epoxy adhesives on the market, and we do so through stringent research and development. Our quality control processes are designed to produce consistent and effective formulas. Take advantage of the on-site training we offer for large-scale projects or shop for your small DIY project. Reach out online for more information on how an epoxy adhesive can benefit your next endeavor, big or small.

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