What is the Best Adhesive Glue for Concrete Repairs?

best adhesive for concrete

Updated: April 1, 2024

Having the right concrete repair additive can truly make a difference in quality. E-Chem is a leading adhesives group company that pioneers in specific concrete bonding agents. We also pride ourselves in providing on-site project assessments and technical reports to ensure the proper performance and application of our products. Visit us today and have a look at our product lineup.

If you are looking for the best adhesive for concrete, read through the sections below to find insights on the features for bonding agents, recommended products, and additional information on bonding adhesives. 

Features to Look for in the Best Concrete Bonding Agent

When looking for the best adhesive for concrete, it is essential to consider several factors. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on using an agent, condition the surface, and establish whether the commodity will provide waterproofing. The sections below delve deeper into these features. 

Concrete Adhesive Instructions

Manufacturers should include product labels with clear instructions to eliminate confusion and promote appropriate use of the agents. Using a product according to the manufacturer’s directions will help you achieve the best results and avoid redoing the project.

Concrete Adhesive Waterproof Ability

Water can automatically tarnish concrete if it penetrates the surface and then freezes. It will also impact the efficiency of a polyurethane compound or glue. Using a waterproof bonding agent will reduce the adverse effects of water on a project. 

Concrete Adhesive Surface Contaminants

The product doesn’t matter when the surface is corroding, dusty, or dirty. Ensure the project’s exterior is clean, and mix the concrete away to avoid contamination. The best way to ensure the surface is clean is to use a power washer, water, or mild detergent to eliminate flaking paint or grittiness. 

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Best Concrete Adhesives

We manufacture a range of the best adhesives for concrete. These include overlays, High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST), sealers, patching materials, bonding, anchoring & doweling adhesives, grouts, chocks, and other products. 


EP-GEL FAST is a high-modulus, 100% solid epoxy get adhesive which guarantees exceptional strength in anchoring and doweling applications. It is ideal for reinforcing steel, anchoring bolts, and adhering dowels. As a versatile commodity, EP-GEL FAST also facilitates setting injection ports before epoxy injection applications, sealing cracks, and horizontal and vertical patching. 


ASF-GEL is an epoxy acrylate, styrene-free, two-component (100% solids) adhesive gel with a prolonged installation spanning from 15°F to 95°F. We recommend this product for anchoring rebar or threaded rods into concrete or adhering tie bars and adhering dowel bars for complete depth concrete repairs. It is also an efficient adhesive for hardened concrete to steel, hardened concrete to hardened concrete, and set concrete to fresh concrete. 


EP-MV is moisture insensitive, medium-viscosity, high-modulus, two-component (100% solids) epoxy adhesive created for bonding hardened concrete with freshly mixed concrete, hardened concrete to hardened concrete to other components and as an excellent binder for epoxy mortars. It is also used for reinforcing steel and anchoring dowels or bolts.


EP-SLV is a low-viscosity, moisture-insensitive, high-modulus, 100% solid epoxy adhesive for pressure injection or gravity feed of cracks in concrete. It is a structural reconstruction adhesive developed for gravity feed crack restoration in concrete and pressure injection in masonry.

Learn More about Concrete Bonding Adhesives

E-Chem is a high-tech, high-volume manufacturing company in Albuquerque, NM 87105. We design a range of Epoxy Polymer Concrete (EPC) products such as EP-SLV, EP-MV, EP-GEL FAST, and ASF-GEL that outperform all other Polyester Polymer Concrete (PPC) products in the market. E-Chem also offers world-class training and support on project assessments and technical reports to promote the effective use and performance of our commodities. 

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