Types of Adhesives Used in Construction

Updated: November 15, 2023

The construction industry often needs high-quality adhesives to complete both new construction projects and durable repairs. Adhesives range from essential chemical fastening to multiplying the effects of mechanical fastening, used in a wide range of applications from installing insulation between walls to repairing road surfaces.

The chemical adhesives used today include epoxies and polymers that are a testament to modern chemical technology. Here are several of the leading chemical adhesives used in construction projects.

EPX50-Overlay & Lake County Phonolite

Common Construction Adhesives

Adhesives are essential to the construction trade, but no one-formula-fits-all fixative exists. This is why there are many different types of adhesive that should be matched to the project at hand.

Epoxy Adhesives:

Epoxy adhesives are incredibly resistant to temperature and solvents. Epoxies can be structurally bonded to most materials, making them ideal for joining metals, ceramics, woods, and plastics. Epoxies are often used both for durable installations and professional repairs.

  • Epoxy Gel
    • An epoxy gel is an epoxy that is applied in a gel form that provides an excellent anchoring fixative. The EP GEL FAST by E-Chem meets the standards of ASTM C881 and AASHTO M235 and is VOC compliant, making for a safe and durable construction project. The gel is a two-component 100% solids and high-modulus epoxy adhesive often used for doweling, anchoring bolts, and reinforcing steel in concrete.
  • Epoxy Acrylate Mortar Repair Gel
    • Acrylate epoxy gel is great for working with fresh and hardened concrete. The ASF-GEL by E-Chem also meets the ASTM, AASHTO, and VOC-compliant standards. It is also very temperature resistant, with an installation range of 15 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, so your team can complete concrete repairs in almost any weather or season. It is often used to adhere dowel bars and tie bars for full-depth.
  • Moisture-Insensitive Structural Epoxy Adhesive
    • Moisture-insensitive epoxy is extremely useful because it allows you to work when conditions are humid or even slightly rainy, ensuring that your work is rarely delayed by the weather. EP-MV by E-Chem meets the same epoxy standards while offering a 100% two-component, high-modulus, and medium-viscosity epoxy blend. This mixture is great for fresh and hardened concrete and other materials. It is often used as a binder for epoxy mortars and can be used to anchor bolts and dowels—making it a versatile and multi-purpose structural epoxy adhesive.
  • Low-Viscosity Epoxy Adhesive
    • Low-viscosity epoxy is great when you need to do vertical work and want the epoxy to stay in place. EP-SLV by E-Chem is an ideal structural repair adhesive designed primarily for pressure injection and gravity feed crack repairs. It can also be used to heal and seal concrete slabs at any angle.

Polyurethane Adhesives

Polymer-based types of adhesives include polyurethane which provides high-strength bonding and some amount of permanent elasticity. For example, polyurethane is commonly used by businesses to resurface garage floors with a springy coating. Unlike epoxy adhesives, polyurethane requires moisture to set, making it moisture tolerant in a different way but also taking longer to cure.

Polyimide Adhesives

One-part synthetic polymer adhesives are polyamides that typically also contain solvents. Polyimide adhesives are heat and chemical resistant and perform well in environments that face extremely high temperatures, as high as 500 degrees C (932 degrees Fahrenheit). They are found in thermoplastic coating and electronic insulation.

E-Chem: Maximizing Performance in Your Construction Projects

If you are looking for superior adhesives for your construction project that are regulation compliant with little to no VOCs, look to E-Chem. Our labs have proudly formulated safe, durable, and highly reliable epoxy adhesives ideal for a variety of construction environments. Contact us today to explore the suitable types of adhesive and epoxy solutions for your next construction project or professional repairs.